Building Alterations

Upstairs Downstairs Interiors of Leicester undertake small extensions to create larger floor space or internal alterations such as the removal of an internal wall to enhance the usable area for your new Kitchen, Bathroom or Bedroom.

Before an extension commences, we will assess that work complies with Building Regulations that may require approval before we start. For example, a support steel (RSJ) may be required to span a new area.

In most cases, a solution can be found to give you that desired new Kitchen, Bathroom or Bedroom.

‘We live in a world where we are all living longer but quite often the house that was perfect for us 20 years ago is no longer as easy to access and get around what were previously unthinkable hazards.

An example of this may be getting in or out of the bathtub. When you are more infirm, it’s easy to slip and have accidents and break bones with resulting long-term injuries.

The answer could be to create a wetroom or walk-in shower room with the shower tray at floor level to avoid tripping over.

The Kitchen can also present challenges.

Some older customers have, for example, had their wall cupboards fitted lower to avoid stretching or using ladders to get at things.

Small things, but they can make a big difference to your wellbeing.

At Upstairs Downstairs, we also consider the needs of disabled people where living spaces become a daily hazard. We recognise these issues and  can make life a whole lot easier by providing fixtures and fittings that more closely match their needs’

To find out how we can help with Building Alteration, Call us on 0800 500 3017 or complete the form on our contact page.


Recent Building Work Projects

Take a moment to look at our portfolio of Building Alterations that Upstairs Downstairs have delivered along with Kitchens, Bedrooms and Bathrooms for clients throughout the East Midlands area.

Building Work

Information on building alterations, including fitted Kitchens, Bedrooms and Bathrooms for disabled clients to be added.

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